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The Lesbian Kama Sutra - Kat Harding Leafing through this book earlier today at a local bookstore, I was struck by a passage where the author indignantly reacts to the question (common, she claims) as to whether lesbians can have "real" sex. This brought to mind an exchange from Kissing Jessica Stein which I remember finding very amusing when I saw it a few years ago:

Jessica: But what do lesbians do?

Helen: Well, think about what actually works. That's what lesbians do.

Not points out that she noticed this book first, so any votes I may have received should really have been hers. Sorry, Not! As soon as your review is up, I will link to it and positively demand that anyone visiting this page go there instead.

Not's review, containing steamy revelations about her personal life, is now available here. As I said, don't vote for me, vote for her! Though this is getting confusingly self-referential.