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Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator - Quentin Blake, Roald Dahl I read this book today while waiting for Jonathan to get ready for dinner, always a lengthy procedure. Like virtually all Roald Dahl, it's very funny. It also contains a fine example of how easy it is for critics to jump to incorrect conclusions. One of the characters is the hapless President Gilligrass, who was still unable to read at the age of 23, and is completely under the thumb of his terrifying VP. There are many jokes about Gilligrass's blinding incompetence, culminating in one about an entertainment featuring a Sword-Swallower from Afghanistan. He has been hired to teach Gilligrass how to eat his words; the trick is first to take the initial S off SWORDS. Geddit?

So... obviously another reference to Dubya. Except that it can't be, since the novel was published in 1972, and the whole thing is just a coincidence. Bizarre.