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Havamal Words Of The High One - Anonymous, W.H. Auden I just saw this wonderful verse quoted in Lars Saabye Christensen's Beatles:
Døyr fe;
døyr frendar;
døyr sjølv det same.
Eg veit eitt
som aldri døyr,
dom um daudan kvar.
After a little searching, here's an English translation, though I'm not sure it's Auden's:
Cattle die, and kinsmen die,
And so one dies one's self;
But a noble name will never die,
If good renown one gets.

I had to take a shot at translating it as well. Here's what I came up with on the train between Geneva and Basel:
Kine die;
Kinsmen die;
You shall die too;
One thing that will never die
That men said of you.
Hard to get the flavor of the archaic Norwegian!