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Lili a été suivie

Lili a été suivie - Dominique de Saint Mars, Serge Bloch Without doubt the cutest and funniest book on paedophilia I have read... but, let's face it, this isn't a cute or funny subject, and Ainsi va la vie takes its responsibilities seriously.

So, Lili is walking home one day when a man comes up to her. "You're such a pretty little girl!" he says. "You'd be perfect for my new TV commercial!"

"I'm going to have to ask Mom about that," says Lili prudently.

"No need!" says the man. "I live just around the corner."

Lili's still hesitating, when he definitively blows it. "You have lovely soft skin..." he murmurs. "But I just need to check that your legs are good enough." He lifts up her skirt, and Lili knows that she'd better run for it.

"HELP!!!" she yells, and dashes off. The guy follows her, shouting "Wait a minute!" But Lili takes refuge in a shop she knows, and the guy doesn't dare follow her in. Lili asks the man behind the counter if he can take her back to her own house. He does so, and you can see how grateful her parents are when the two of them arrive and she explains what's happened.

They have a serious talk about paedophilia that evening, so Lili thinks she's well acquainted with the issues when she arrives at school the next day and tells her story. But one of her friends easily tops her. "My uncle was alone at home with me once," she confides. "He took all my clothes off and said I shouldn't say anything to Mom or Dad. But I did. And he went to prison."

"Your UNCLE went to PRISON??" ask the other kids incredulously.

"Well, yeah!" says the victim. "It's against the law!"

The author valiantly tries to end on her usual high note. Lili's walking home again. She goes into the bakery to get a brioche, and is happily munching it when she hears steps behind her. This time, she starts running immediately.

"Wait a minute!" shouts her pursuer. Lili runs even faster... and not only that, her kid brother Max sees what's happening. He manages to catch up with the man and clubs him over the head with his satchel.

Oops! It's not the paedophile after all... it's the baker, who indignantly wonders WTF they think they're doing. He was just giving Lili back the purse she'd left on his counter.

So, ah, to sum up, although you should always be on your guard against psychos who want to abduct and rape you, most adults are perfectly okay. Got that?