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McGee on Food and Cooking: An Encyclopedia of Kitchen Science, History and Culture
Harold McGee
Epistemic Dimensions of Personhood
Simon Evnine
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (Information Science and Statistics)
Christopher M. Bishop
Relativity, Thermodynamics and Cosmology
Richard C. Tolman
The Cambridge Handbook of Second Language Acquisition
Julia Herschensohn, Martha Young-Scholten

Speech Technology: Theory and Applications

Speech Technology: Theory and Applications - Fang Chen, Kristiina Jokinen We contributed two chapters to this volume. The final versions were delivered nearly a year ago. It still hasn't been published. At least they changed the title. "New Trends in Speech Based Interactive Systems" - somehow that doesn't sound quite right for a book where nearly all the work described was done before 2006, though I see it's still there in the publisher's blurb.

Why does this happen every single time people decide to put together an edited collection of academic papers in book form? I know by now that it will, and yet somehow I'm still surprised and annoyed. Charlie Brown and the football. The menu at the bottom says "Date I read this book". I'm interpreting that as "Date I hope to read this book, otherwise blood may be shed", and I've marked July 2009.

Grrrr! But in case anyone starts becoming concerned about their well-being, note that I'm also filing under "well-i-think-its-funny". Really, I want to punch myself in the face for being dumb enough to fall, yet again, for Lucy's completely predictable trick...


(Several weeks later)

The great thing about the trick with the football is, of course, that it's always a surprise.

I just got mail from the relevant person at Springer. She's still waiting for some of the contributors to send in their signed permission forms (hey, they've only had since the beginning of the year to do that), but she thinks the book will come out in September, or perhaps October. Eternally optimistic, I believe her.

As Charlie Brown would put it: AAAAAAAARRRRRRGHHH!!!!


(More than half a year later)

Oh my God! Oh my God! I'm so excited! I looked at the Amazon page for this book, and they're actually showing a picture of the cover! I bet it'll be released any day now!

Here's me, running towards the football again...


(And another couple of months later)

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! I just looked at the Amazon page, and it says available for pre-order! There's a price and everything!

Surely, surely, surely not even Fang Chen and Kristiina Jokinen - I mean Lucy - would pull away the football now?


(A few weeks after that)

Well, I haven't yet held a copy in my hands. But Amazon says it's available for sale now, and you can see a fair part of it online here. Our two chapters are here (Spoken Language Translation) and here (Spoken Dialogue Application in Space).