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Max Et Lili Veulent Tout Savoir Sur Les Bébés

Max Et Lili Veulent Tout Savoir Sur Les Bébés - Dominique de Saint Mars, Serge Bloch Lili and Max want to know all about babies. The parents, normally so well-meaning and informative, have with unusual squeamishness postponed this discussion way too long. But their friends, who live on a farm, are delighted to oblige. They give Lili and her brother the details while they hang out in the barn, and they get to find out about intercourse, ova, sperm, periods, pregnancy and pretty much the whole package.

The town kids are a good audience and ask plenty of questions. "But how does the baby get out?" wonders Lili, mystified. She's immediately treated to a useful explanation of contractions. And the author does her best to make sure you've got the big picture: sex and death are linked, because if there were no death, then how could there be room for all those babies?

My only criticism, in fact, is that it overlaps a little too much with Lili rêve d'être une femme. But heck, everyone's interested in sex, and each book contains plenty of material the other lacks. Buy both and I'm sure your child won't complain!