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Lili N'aime Que Les Frites

Lili N'aime Que Les Frites - Dominique de Saint Mars, Serge Bloch I now have such high expectations for Lili and Max books that this one, which I would normally have said was a pretty decent children's story, left me feeling a little disappointed. But probably it's just another example of Dominique de Saint Mars's thoroughness. As we all know, everything in life that's truly enjoyable is either illegal, immoral, or fattening. We've had plenty of episodes that concentrated on the first two, so I guess it was time to devote a book to number three.

As you can see from the title, Lili has decided that she doesn't want to eat anything except french fries. (Oddly enough, this is even worse in France than it is in most countries). She even refuses to try her mother's blanquette de veau! There's some decent repartee as the family try to talk her into a healthier lifestyle. Max tells her virtuously that she'll never get enough nutrition eating like she does - HE starts the day with a nice bowl of cereal. Ah yes, says Lili sarcastically, as she examines the list of ingredients. Full of life-giving stabiliser and xanthan gum. Mmm!

The breakthrough happens one evening when Mom's late arriving home and our heroine is unexpectedly asked to fix dinner herself. Lili doesn't know how to make french fries, so she takes a chance on something else... and no one wants to eat it! She's mortified, and suddenly realises that it actually isn't nice to refuse to try other people's cooking. And when she gets enthusiastic reviews for her first ever crêpes, she's sold. This cooking thing is fun, and you have to take turns.

Okay... as already noted, it wasn't bad, but I still prefer the illegal and immoral ones. Coming up next: Lili Ne Veut Plus Se Montrer Toute Nue.