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Hôtesse Spéciale Pour Jet Privé

Hôtesse Spéciale Pour Jet Privé - Michel Brice It goes without saying that this series is unadulterated trash, but every now and then you find a surprisingly good episode. For the first 60 pages, I was hoping that Hôtesse speciale pour jet privé was going to be one of those pearls. The author was having fun, not just grimly turning it out to make the deadline, and the opening sequence was sufficiently bizarre that it got my attention. The sleazy boss of the French multinational media company is throwing an end-of-year sex party for his closest associates, with the help of an airline called Seventh Heaven who provide charter jets with attractive, willing flight attendants of both sexes. The orgy is in full swing somewhere over the English Channel, but then an unexpected event destroys the ambiance. The director has just been given an unusually fine blowjob when the girl suddenly collapses and dies. She's had a massive heart attack, and the reader wonders if it didn't have something to do with the odd lipstick she insisted on putting on just before she started. The director panics and bribes the pilot to reduce speed and height so that he can dump the corpse in the water. "Who's ever going to know?" he asks. No one dares oppose him.

But, of course, the body is discovered and Boris is rapidly called in to investigate. It turns out that the cause of death is highly unusual: a rare poison sometimes used for covert assassinations, which starts a delayed reaction with male hormones to clot the blood and cause a fatal heart attack after a period of exactly seven days. This time, however, the assassin was the first victim, because she was really a transsexual. The mixture of male and female hormones in her blood meant the substance acted much more quickly.

Alas... the author can't build on this fine start and it rapidly goes downhill, with one bizarre and improbable plot twist following another and the obligatory sex scenes becoming increasingly irrelevant to the story. It's harder than you might imagine to write a good dirty book. Even so, it was fun, and I finished it in a couple of days. If anyone else feels like improving their French vocabulary, let me know and I'll be happy to pass it on to you!