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Relativity, Thermodynamics and Cosmology
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Le serrurier volant

Le serrurier volant - Tonino Benacquista Tonino Benacquista is a great storyteller. As usual with his books, I just had to continue reading until I was finished - impossible to put it down. The hero works as a guard for a security company which transports large sums of money. His van is ambushed, several of his colleague are killed, and he's badly injured. He's hospitalized for months, and his life is turned upside down. He's suffering from depression and PTSD. He decides to do something completely different, and becomes a locksmith.

One day, he helps a beautiful woman get back into her apartment, after she's managed to lock herself out. A week later, she calls him, desperate, very late at night, and begs him to come as quickly as possible. He arrives, and finds her naked and handcuffed to her bed. She's finally managed to reach the phone, after hours of trying. He unlocks her. Utterly humiliated, she tells him to go away, and not say anything. He does what she asks. But he sees her again, there are many interesting twists and turns, and I quite failed to predict the ending.

The edition I read had rather good illustrations, which in particular treat unglamorous male nudity in an interesting way. Here's an example: