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Escaladeuses De Braguettes: Petit Dictionnaire De La Prostitution

Escaladeuses De Braguettes: Petit Dictionnaire De La Prostitution - Agnès Pierron I saw Mme Pierron's latest work on display yesterday afternoon at the Payot bookstore and almost succumbed, but managed to put it down again after leafing through it for a few minutes.

Well, if you think the French are obsessed with sex, this will confirm your prejudices; the author has managed to compile a whole dictionary concerned only with terms used in connection with prostitutes and prostitution. Each entry is annotated to indicate the period when it was current, with dates ranging from the 16th century to the present day.

Looking around for samples on Google, this was one of the more startling ones:
L'appel du large: façon de désigner un client, de la part d'une (un) prostitué, qui a le goût de la sodomisation profonde à l'aide d'un "ustensile" de gros calibre.

Simenon doesn't say it so many words, but I think this is what Otto, "le vicieux", does to Minna in La neige était sale. Yuck.