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haïku, mon nounours

haïku, mon nounours - Gilles Brulet, Chiaki Miyamoto, Masashi Tsuchiya I can never go into the children's bookshop off Route de Carouge without buying something, and today it was Gilles Brulet's charming and original little book of verse. Freely adapting the classical haiku form to French, Brulet has written a collection of short poems about a teddy bear, seen through the eyes of its very young owner and with accompanying translations in Japanese. Both the French and the Japanese are at about three year old level. Here's a sample page with literal translations:


quand je rentre de l'école
mon nounours
à la fenêtre

(when i come home from school
my teddy
at the window)
gakkou kara kaeru to
madobe de matteru
watashi no kumachan

(when from school return
waiting at window
my teddy)