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Buntus Cainte: a first step in spoken Irish - part I

Buntus Cainte: a first step in spoken Irish - part I - Tomas O'Domhnallain In Dublin, Ireland, for a project meeting. For some reason, I've never been to Ireland before, and pretty much the first thing I did was to buy a book on the Irish language.

The first page of an elementary language text is always so revealing! If you're learning Japanese, you'll probably start by learning to say that I am the student, you are the sensei, and this is a cherry blossom. In Irish, the first dialogue goes like this:

NÓRA: Dia duit, a Cháit.
CÁIT: Dia's Muire duit, a Nóra.
NÓRA: Tá sé fuar.
CÁIT: Tá sé an-fhuar, ach tá sé tirim.
NÓRA: Tá sé tirim, buíchas la Dia.

In English:

NÓRA: Good day, Cáit.
CÁIT: Good day, Nóra.
NÓRA: It's cold.
CÁIT: It's very cold, but it's dry.
NÓRA: It is dry, thank God.