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How to Talk to Girls - Alec Greven I bought it on impulse at Borders, and read it while waiting for my spaghetti to boil. It's not bad at all - most of the advice seems quite sound. Like Proust and many other authors, he considers romantic love a disease.

The single best tip: when in doubt, think about what Mom would like. Remember that she's a girl too! But on reflection, I began to wonder whether this didn't give away an important clue about the true authorship of the book. OK, I'm prepared to believe that a smart 9 year old could have written a fair amount of it himself. Some parts are just too slick though. Would someone that age really suggest that you should cut down on sugar if you're too hyper? Or phrase it that way if he did?

So I think Alec got some help, and I'm even prepared to guess who his co-author is. I think it's a girl. A somewhat older one...