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I love reviewing books - have been doing it at Goodreads, but considering moving here.

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The Greatest Show On Earth: The Evidence For Evolution
Richard Dawkins
R in Action
Robert Kabacoff
Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies
Douglas R. Hofstadter
McGee on Food and Cooking: An Encyclopedia of Kitchen Science, History and Culture
Harold McGee
Epistemic Dimensions of Personhood
Simon Evnine
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (Information Science and Statistics)
Christopher M. Bishop
Relativity, Thermodynamics and Cosmology
Richard C. Tolman
The Cambridge Handbook of Second Language Acquisition
Julia Herschensohn, Martha Young-Scholten
Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life - Bryan Lee O'Malley (DISTANCE SHOT. MANNY is typing on his laptop)

MANNY: (typing) It's EXACTLY the same as the first half of the movie Scott Pilgrim Versus The World. Just uncannily like. Except that it isn't as well-drawn or funny.

(NEW ANGLE. More typing)

MANNY: (typing) To be honest, I feel a little ripped-off. I know that's completely illogical since the book came first, and I should be, you know, like praising its originality and wit, without which the movie would never have been. But all the same.

(CLOSE-UP. MANNY turns to camera)

MANNY: Hey, here's an odd thing: I suddenly like the movie a lot more. How did that happen?

(EXTREME CLOSE-UP. MANNY, huge eyes open wide in bewilderment)

MANNY: Am I dreaming?