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Learn to Write Chinese Characters - Johan Bjorksten Character for 'love'
From Jan Kjærstad's Oppdagaren, which I am currently rereading:
Hun förklarte det kompliserte tegnet for meg, viste meg til og med hvordan det kinesiske ordet for hjerte - fire vakre streker, liksom kamre - lå i midten, som et ord i ordet. "En kjærlighet uten hjerte er ingen kjærlighet," mumlet hun, mest til seg selv. Så retet hun igen blikket mot meg. "Det kan ha vært noe du ikke forsto med den personen som skrev det," sa Margrete.
My translation:
She explained the complicated character, and even showed me how the Chinese word for 'heart' - four elegant strokes, like the heart's four chambers - lay in the middle, a word inside the word. "Love with no heart is not love," she murmured, mostly for herself. Then she looked at me again. "Maybe there was something you failed to understand about the person who wrote it," said Margrete.