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Christopher M. Bishop
Relativity, Thermodynamics and Cosmology
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The Cambridge Handbook of Second Language Acquisition
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Le petit Nicolas - René Goscinny, Jean-Jacques Sempé Max And Lili Visit My School

Today when I arrived at school everyone was very excited because there were two new kids called Max and Lili. My friend Alceste told me they had come from the year 2012 in a time machine, I asked Alceste what a time machine was but he was eating a sandwich, Alceste eats all the time and his mouth is always full so he pointed at Agnan and told me to ask him. Agnan is top of the class and the teacher's pet, he's no fun because he wears glasses so you can't hit him when you want to. He started to tell me what a time machine was but it was kind of boring so I went to look at the new kids.

Max is cool, he's really good at soccer and he also likes fighting, I said he could join our gang and he said sure so now he's in my gang too. At break I went to talk to his sister, usually I don't talk to girls because they're dumb and just play with dolls and stuff but Lili looked a bit like my cousin Louisette who is cool so I thought why not. Lili told me all about life in 2012, it was really interesting, she got chased by a pedophile and her uncle got put in jail and her dad lost his job and she hangs out a lot on the Internet, I didn't know what the Internet was but Lili says it's like a TV with a typewriter and she met another pedophile there. Lili meets a lot of pedophiles, I asked her what they were and she told me, it's kind of gross but really interesting. After lunch, we had show and tell and teacher asked me to talk about something and I explained about pedophiles but teacher wasn't happy, she looked really tired and she told me to stand in the corner. I don't know why.

Anyway it was Lili's fault because she explained it to me, maybe she didn't do it right and that's why teacher got mad. So at afternoon break I said she shouldn't tell me any more stuff and why didn't I tell her about life in 1960. Lili said fine and I said we fight a lot and we play soccer and I had just learned how to smoke. I had a cigar I got from my friend and I said would she like to try and she said yes please, so we went behind the bike shed and we tried smoking it. I coughed a lot and I felt a bit sick, but Lili was great and she could blow smoke out through her nose it was just like in the movies.

We had almost finished smoking the cigar when Eudes came looking for us, Eudes is my friend he's a good kid and very strong and likes hitting everyone and he said Lili's mom was there with the time machine and they had to go back to 2012. So we came out and Lili's mom was talking to my mom, and they asked us if we had had fun and learned useful stuff, and I said I had learned what a pedophile was and Lili said she had learned to smoke, and my mom didn't look happy and Lili's mom didn't look happy either, and Lili's mom said they had to go right now and my mom said that was a good idea.

I hope Lili comes back tomorrow, she is almost as cool as Louisette, if Louisette doesn't want to marry me when I grow up then I will marry Lili instead.