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Pericles - Stephen Orgel, William Shakespeare Preface

Although superficially similar in form, most scholars do not consider that the Abridged Pericles belongs to the Madelinian Canon; the most plausible theory holds that it was partly or wholly composed by an imitator, possibly a Manfred Reiner (the spelling is uncertain), who lived in Geneva around 2013.

Pericles, Prince of Tyre (abridged version)

ANTIOCHUS: Here's a riddle: if you can't guess, I'm going to kill you. What goes on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three legs in the evening, and sleeps with his daughter?

PERICLES: Humbert Humbert?

ANTIOCHUS: Close enough. But I'm going to kill you anyway.

PERICLES: Hey, no fair!

[Dumb show. Pericles flees Antioch, is shipwrecked, falls in love with Thaisa, marries her, incorrectly believes she has died in childbirth, dumps her body in the sea, places his newborn daughter in the care of an idiot and his homicidal consort, etc. Distressed by this unfortunate series of events, he decides to stop visiting his hairdresser]

PERICLES: [much longer hair] Her voice was ever soft and low
An excellent thing in woman.

ATTENDANT: His wits are wandering, he thinks he's Lear.

PERICLES: And my poor fool is hanged.

ATTENDANT: He means his wife.


MARINA: Hello Daddy!

PERICLES: Thou livest!

THAISA: There was a mixup. They hanged a different fool.

PERICLES: Yay! Group hug!

CHORUS: Don't you wish you could write like William Shakespeare and his unknown collaborator?