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The Bloomsday Book : A Guide through Joyce's Ulysses

The Bloomsday Book : A Guide through Joyce's Ulysses - Harry Blamires You may also want to read my review of Ulysses


The Prophets is a short chapter that appeared in the first draft of Ulysses, but was removed at an early stage. Evidently, Joyce was dissatisfied with it. The somewhat tenuous Homeric basis derives from a conversation between Odysseus and the Pantheon; Odysseus asks what posterity will think of him, and is sharply rebuked.

The structure is recognisable as a precursor to the one later used, substantially modified, in the Circe episode. Joyce abandons Dublin and moves the action to a futuristic Geneva, where the unnamed Reviewer walks through the city with his Girlfriend (tentatively identified by various critics with Athena, Oriane de Guermantes and Dante's Beatrice), arguing about different views of Ulysses.

The rest of this review is in my book If Research Were Romance and Other Implausible Conjectures