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Nijntje / druk 1

Nijntje - Dick Bruna This is an extremely strange book. Maybe my Dutch is even worse than I imagine, but the story appears to be roughly the following. I translate into a more familiar idiom:

The Gospel According to Dick Bruna

1. And it came to pass in those days that there were two rabbits, and they did live in a house in Holland.

2. And the husband did water the lilies of the field, one by one; and his wife did keep of his house.

3. And the wife did cook them their food; and when of food there was none, she did to the market, there to buy more.

4. A pear did she cook for her husband, and for herself, a dish of peas.

5. And one night, while all slept, the wife awoke, for she did hear a noise in the garden.

6. And making to the casement, she opened it, and she did espy an angel who stood amidst the lilies of the field.

7. And the angel spake, saying, a daughter shall be born unto thee; and then the angel flew his way.

8. And verily, one morning, a rabbit maiden came to them. And the wife clasped her to her bosom and said, Thou shalt be named Nijntje, which in Dutch means, Small Rabbit.

9. And all the beasts of the land came to honor Nijntje; and she did look on them and give them her blessing.

10. Then did the beasts depart, and the husband did close the shutters of the casement.

11. Here endeth the Book of Nijntje.

[Are you sure this is right? - Ed]